Conference registration

Registration is now open!

The participants registration webpage can be accessed here:

Please register at the website following the link above and register/make your payment at the “Conference registration” section.


Conference registration fees

Early bird Late bird
SRA-Europe member (with 2017 paid fees)
Full delegates 450 550
Multi Conference Pack (MCP) 410 510
Student delegates 130 180
Full delegates 490 590
Multi Conference Pack (MCP) 450 550
Student delegates 170 220

All prices in Euros

Conference registration includes: Conference attendance + conference pack and abstract book + pre-conference cocktail + coffee breaks and lunches during the three conference days + conference dinner (tuesday night).

Upon registering as a non-member full delegate or student delegate, non-members of SRA-E or members with 2016 paid fees, will be offered a complimentary SRA-E membership for 2017.


Please note the following important dates:

 Deadline for early bird registration      April 7, 2017
 Deadline for presenters’ registration
     April 30, 2017

Additional information

Who is entitled for the SRA-Europe member registration fee?

Some participants may have already paid their SRA Europe membership fee for 2017, e.g. when renewing their SRA membership in December 2016. These participants have typically paid SRA approximately $ 150, including the fee for the Regional Delegation – Europe ($ 50). Participants who became a member of SRA only and not of SRA Europe as well, typically pay $ 100. Participants that paid for the SRA-Europe fee are SRA Europe members.

Can I become a member of SRA-Europe?

All registration fees for non-members identified above include a complimentary offer of the SRA-E member fee for 2017. I.e. all non-members automatically become members of SRA-Europe during the year of 2017.

What is the Multi Conference Pack (MCP)?

The Multi Conference Pack (MCP) will be available to participants who, in addition to the SRA-E conference registration, also register either for the CIP Institute conference (June 16, 2017) or the PsicAmb Environmental Psychology conference (June 21-24, 2017).

Participants that select the MCP option should send proof of registration in one of these conferences to the SRA-E organizing committee, by email. If this information is not provided before the conference, the difference between the MCP fee and the full delegate fee must be paid on-site.

Information for students

Students should send proof of their student status to the SRA-E organizing committee by email. If this information is not provided before the conference, the difference between the student member fee and the full delegate fee must be paid on-site.