Dear 26th SRA-Europe Annual Conference/Meeting attendees.

It was a pleasure to welcome all 26th SRA-Europe Annual Conference/Meeting attendees at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. We hope everyone had an enjoyable and stimulating meeting and we look forward to see everyone again in Ostersund, Sweden, 17-19 June 2018.

We are much grateful for everyone’s attendance and for the high quality presentations given, which allowed the creation of a much interesting and thought-provoking scientific programme.

Our last “complimentary gift” to the participants is the conference photo album which, in our view, has effectively captured the “spirit” of this year’s conference. We are much thankful to Randa Kachef for taking these photos and providing the conference coverage.

Facebook (sample) Album:

Flickr (complete) album:

Additional important information regarding this year’s conference registrations invoices and certificates:

Attendance Certificates

We are currently emitting the digital certificates of attendance for all SRA-E Conference participants. The certificate to be issued will only include the names of attendees. You can check the template in the attached document.

If you need any extra information on the certificate, we kindly ask you to send the exact information you need us to include in the certificate. Please send us this information by July 5. From that date onwards, certificates will be emitted in their standard mode (as attached).

If, for any reason, you need the certificate with urgency, please let us know. Urgent certificates will be emitted by order of request.

NOTE: requests for more than one certificate per person, cannot be satisfied. The conference support company – Factor Social – is a certified training company and has to comply with rules from the Ministry of Labour. All certificates are numbered and cross-checked with the attendance list. Therefore only one certificate per person/attendee can be issued.


If you need an invoice that includes your name and/or VAT number, or your organization’s information, please send your request by July 5. After this date all the invoices will be issued without personalized information (i.e. no name, VAT n., etc.).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting through the website contacts section.

See you next year in Ostersund for SRA-E 2018!